February 9, 2009

Web browser fun

The diagram below summarizes my recent cursory survey of web browsers. I think the one important conclusion that can be drawn is this: Webkit will be critical in the future. I know at least one person who doesn't have a computer, but uses Facebook from her mobile phone. There will be more and more people like that. Another important factoid: IE6 isn't dead. IE Mobile 6 will use the JavaScript implementation of IE8, but the layout engine is based off of IE6. That will probably induce nausea in most web developers, but it makes me glad I still take care to develop my web apps to run in IE6.

Other fun things:

The repository version of Parenscript will probably break your code, because your code probably deserves to get broken.

I've released a new version of uri-template, which fixes a bug in how URI-encoding was being performed.

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