February 16, 2009

President's day Parenscript release, and a little on how I deploy web apps

It is President's day in the US of A, and that means a new release of Parenscript. Be aware that this one may break your code.

In other news, a couple of weeks ago I decided to sign up at stackoverflow, a community Q&A site for programmers. It has member-driven moderation, good search and tagging facilities, but a much wider scope and lack of (for lack of a better term) "narrative" than Usenet or mailing lists or message boards. The first means that spam, trolling and off-topic messages are kept under control, but the third means you can't participate in the site like you do Usenet, which will hopefully be offset by the second, which means that you can use the site to find answers more effectively than searching Usenet archives and leave your contribution to answering questions that you have some knowledge of.

So far I've answered one question about deploying Lisp web apps. I'm thinking of expanding it in more depth and adding examples and turning it into a blog post ("article" in the old media parlance). Which naturally leads me to remark on my own online community participation: I've stopped reading Usenet and participating in community sites a few years ago, and now follow blogs exclusively. Narrative, personalization, and Internet etiquette.

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