October 19, 2010

Various Lisp news

I've put uri-template and Eager Future on github and did some work on both.

uri-template got a new release, and now uses named-readtables to provide a modular way to use reader macros. I think named-readtables is a really big deal; if your library defines reader macros, start using named-readtables today. Once it is widely adopted, named-readtables can be used to facilitate things like a global move to readtable-case :invert.

I'm working on some really interesting features for Eager Future, but I'm getting stumped by how finalizers and thread-interrupt interact in SBCL. Any help appreciated (I've posted the problem description to sbcl-help).

I've mentioned CL-JavaScript before, and it's cool to see similar projects. Justin Grant did a toy Ruby to Common Lisp compiler that (no surprise) is a lot faster than Ruby at calculating factorials. The source code is a good illustration of why Common Lisp is the ultimate language implementation language.

In local news, Montreal Clojure user's group will be hosting their first meeting October 26 (details).

In less Lisp-related news, Foulab is hosting a demo party November 27.

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