July 18, 2010

Put JavaScript in your Lisp and Emacs in your JavaScript

This month, Red Daly announced cl-spidermonkey, a set of Common Lisp bindings to Mozilla's SpiderMonkey JavaScript implementation.

Not long after that, I learned about Marijn Haverbeke, Alan Pavičić, and Iva Jurišić's CL-JavaScript JS to CL compiler. Apparently it's already faster than SpiderMonkey.

Not content with just having JS in CL, Red Daly also has a version of SLIME that integrates Parenscript to provide things like symbol completion (get it on github: http://github.com/gonzojive/slime).

A little while later another surprising discovery occurred: a certain 3b hacked up a SLIME proxy and a fork of Parenscript that lets you run a SLIME/Parenscript REPL in a browser using WebSockets. Apparently this all happened in a couple of days as part of the The 2010 Lisp Game Design Challenge.

Unrelated but still cool, 3b also wrote a CL to Flash bytecode compiler.


Marijn said...

(For anyone willing to play with cl-javascript, my fork on github at http://github.com/marijnh/js is further along than the one linked from the post.)

evrim said...

in case you need cps: