December 3, 2009

Common Lisp bindings now part of ZeroMQ 2.0

Today Vitaly Mayatskikh announced the inclusion of his Common Lisp ZeroMQ bindings into the ZeroMQ 2.0 source tree. ZeroMQ 2.0 is a high-performance messaging system, which is great news if you are trying to build distributed systems in Common Lisp.

Previously, available Free Software alternatives for Common Lisp messaging included CL-XMPP (XMPP client only) and CL-RABBIT (Lispworks only).

Note that ZeroMQ 2.0, unlike version 1, no longer implements AMQP, due to performance reasons.


Leslie P. Polzer said...

Do you happen to know more about the trade-offs between XMPP and ZeroMQ?

Vladimir Sedach said...

ZeroMQ: serverless messaging, multicast, no persistent queues out of the box

XMPP: needs a server, but can work behind NAT firewalls using HTTP, no persistent queues out of the box

XMPP has horrible overhead, especially for binary blobs (needs base64 because it's based on XML).