April 7, 2007

More ILC stuff.

Since no one else in the Lisp blogosphere has yet stepped up to the plate, I feel I should post some more of the interesting happenings that occurred at ILC.

First off, to what must be many people's disappointment, unless Duane gave private MACL demos to other attendees, I don't think anyone is going to blog too much about it. All the MACL "demo" at Duane's tutorial consisted of was opening and scrolling around a .cl file (which MACL just happened to be incidental to). The impressive thing is that there was a snag in the demo setup and he had to rebuild ACL first, which was done in well under 5 minutes.

Next year marks Lisp's 50th birthday. It looks like the current plan is to have another International Lisp Conference in Cambridge, this time Massachusetts, in 2008 to celebrate. Herbert Stoyan talked about getting all the (really) old-school Lispers together for the thing. After this year's experience (thank you Nick and all of the others who helped put it together!) I'll definitely do everything I can to attend. There will also be a contest associated with the conference. The details have been revealed, and they are exactly: "Lisp 1.5" (yes, that's all there is to it - do something with/to/on Lisp 1.5).

Thanks again, and see you at ILC 2008!

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