December 14, 2008

uri-template 0.3 released

This release includes support for Parenscript, as well as a uri-template-bind facility for using URI templates for destructuring.

Info here:

December 4, 2008


If you've been following the Parenscript repository, now you too can have an s-exp CSS generator back. This one works even better than the original.

December 1, 2008

But the market won't let me

That's always a problem with taking pictures of buildings - damn automobiles make even the most luscious modern block look crap and banal.

Owen Hatherly takes readers of his blog through another delightful adventure through Britain's bleakly fascinating landscape of today.

[Spoiler alert: readers of his previous photo-excursions will be relieved to find that Britain still consists entirely of railway stations, consumerist (anti) spaces, and the occasional abandoned factory.]

Meanwhile, there is a new Smalltalk being developed for Flash, which is notable for using some newfangled technologies like OMeta (which I have neglected to study for too long now) for implementation (spotted via Patrick Logan).