September 30, 2007

Learning to Lisp

Answering to Peter Seibel's appeal for a Google bombing, here are two links, one for a Lisp tutorial, the other for an illustrated Lisp tutorial. I am not just providing these for the sake of altruism, though. It's part of my insidious campaign of making Lisp programmers instead of trying to find them. Due to a particular set of circumstances that has developed recently, I'm putting together a team of web application developers that will do fun things that involve Hunchentoot and Parenscript. If you're in Calgary and would like to get involved, get in touch. If things go according to plan, we will be looking for people outside of Calgary in a few months as well.

September 19, 2007

Coworking in the East Village.

One of the things I did while in New York was check out the cooperBricolage coworking space in the East Village. The organizers arranged a deal with Cafe Fuego to add WiFi, power outlets, and turn down the music weekdays from 9-5. I spent most of the day there on Tuesday, September 11th, feverishly trying to get my talk about ParenScript done for that evening's LispNYC meeting. The food was pretty good, and the coffee decent. The space itself wasn't bad for working either, but I don't think I'd go there on a regular basis. Daniel Gackle and me worked for about a month out of cafes this summer, and long-term the noise and distractions really ground us down. Still, a nice place to drop in if you're visiting in New York and looking for a place to get some work done. I met two other coworkers(?) while there, Jennifer Hall and Robert Sosinski, and both turned out to be doing web stuff.

September 17, 2007

Lisping in the NYC

I gave a presentation about Parenscript to CLUDG, and then two weeks later I also gave it to LispNYC. An audio recording from the NY talk and a tarball of the presentation code can now be found here.